Sunday, December 31, 2006

WorkSource Financial Aid (Florida Specific)

We all know that no matter what you are going to school for it takes money. The sad truth is that this is probablly the #1 reason that some people don't seek further training. There are some answers to this dilema. Unfortunately there is such a bewildering amount of information out there it can be a lot like cracking open a set of encyclopedias and looking for a single sentence. I have learned a few things along the way that may be helpful.
For today I decided that I would discuss a nice thing called WorkSource that is available here in Florida. So let me apologize to the many that this does not apply to. The important thing that I can say to readers no matter where you are from is this: Talk to the financial aid department at the school you are attending. Do not be afraid to look dumb by asking questions. There is a lot of help out there but you need to work for it! It will pay off in the end.
Take me for instance. When I started out I received some help through a Pell grant but that was quickly expended and soon I was deemed ineligable for financial aid due to my wife's income. I figured that I was stuck. Sure I saw a lot of scholarships out there. Essays were in my heart but never made it to paper let alone into an envelope. Somehow we managed through family help and overtime. I now wish I had known about WorkSource.


As the title mentioned WorkSource is specific to the state of Florida. To be more specific Northeast Florida. Here is a brief explaination from the website

WorkSource is part of First Coast Workforce Development, providing services to help the First Coast work. First Coast Workforce Development is a publicly funded agency that provides extensive workforce-related services to six counties in the First Coast area - Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Putnam and St. Johns counties.

In 2005, over 76,000 people registered to find work with us, and more than 41,000 people obtained jobs through our services. We served over 3,000 First Coast employers with more than 11,000 requests for qualified workers. We manage a budget of $15 million in federal funds to meet the labor needs of our community and to facilitate a wide range of programs.

What they don't specifically say on the website it that some of these funds are dedicated toward paying tution in qualified fields of study. A list of training vendors can be found on the website. Training Vendors

Quite a number of my classmates have used this service and have paid thier way through the entire x-ray program. Basically the way it works is even if you have a job as long as you demonstrate a financial need they suppliment your income to help you pay tution. From what I have heard from the students in my class if you make less than $25 an hour at your current job you qualify.

The bottom line: If you are a student in the greater Jacksonville, FL area and you are interested in the Radiography program this is a definite MUST LOOK option. Talk to the financial aid office about WorkSource or call the WorkSource office nearest you. WorkSource Locations

Disclaimer: These are the facts as I see them and are by no means authoritative. For more detailed information contact you local financial aid office. They will have infromation specific to your area and location. This blog is meant to share observations and information that will lead the reader to do further investigation.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

What You Will Be Paid

One of my greatest misconceptions about X-ray was the pay. It was much less than I had heard. Then again looking back my sources were not too reliable - heresay more or less. So let me be your reliable source and clear any confusion. The bottom line is that as a fresh graduate of an X-ray program you will likely start out anywhere between $15 - $17 dollars an hour. Some of the exceptions to this would involve receiving shift differential for working the evening or night shift which could raise that $2-$3 depending on your location. In some areas sign on bonuses are still common. Of course there are a number of variables that could either raise or lower these figures but at least they put you in the ball park.

An Introduction:

My name is Dan. I've been attending classes in the Radiography program at my local community college. I have had some good success in my schooling as well as some struggles. Now that I am nearing the completion of the program I realize that there is a lot I wish I knew when starting out. With that said I would like to share some of the more practical things that I have picked up along the way and hopefully it will benefit my readers.
Some of the content that I intend on sharing include:
  • Wages to expect
  • Financial aid
  • Clinical challenges
  • Useful links
  • Questions and Answers (replies to yours)
  • And more....

So if your interested in pursuing X-Ray as a carreer stay tuned. If you are an experienced technologist please feel free to share your knowledge and correct any of my misinformation.