Thursday, June 14, 2007



Enough said there. Now time to work on those pdf. files

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Registry - ARRT

Monday June 4th
The deed is done.
Sorry about the span between my last posting but I have been rollin the sleeves up and actually getting paid to perform X-ray exams. (There's a novel idea!!) At the same time I've been preparing for the registry.
So, the registry. What was it like?? Everyone seems to have their own unique experience to relate. I will just say that some say that they felt under prepared some felt adequate but no one felt over prepared. Personally I felt pretty good after 220 questions. In dire need on an adult beverage but nontheless good. After a few hours I started questioning myself which is completely futile. Therefore until I actually get my results back, I did fantastic!
Nothing like a good dose of brushing up to make you feel confident. Some of the questions seemed to be take directly from my registry review book so that eased me through the whole test. The whole experience was actually enjoyable believe it or not. Yes the test did bring its own anxiety but it felt great to know that I was finally at the end.
I will keep posting for any prospective students out there. I promised pdf's and pdf's you will have. As if you don't have enough notes and printouts in your folders! Still it was something that I wish that could have had while I was in classes so they will be forth coming.