Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bored before the Boards

Okay I think that a blister is forming somewhere on my cranial meninges. No posts since Jan. due to all of the cerebral cramming going on. Alas the end is nigh. I have only one more mock registry to take and then the final and then the actual registry. Say it with me folks, "You can do it!"

All in all it would seem that I am doing well. Sorry that there is not much of the regular sprinkling the seeds of knowledge in this post. There is something of course - there is always something. I have found that music helps me through these doldrum influencing study sessions. They say that listening classical music helps you get more out of studying. ( My tastes have been more Decemberists and Snow Patrol. ) With the preceeding in mind don't hesitate to check out my free ipod link under the Brems (Break ) heading it is legit. I just got my 1GB Blue ipod shuffle in the mail. Sweet!! Im a student I can't afford to buy one so I paid nothing.