Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Everyone loves a good pdf. Right?

I have started working on a project that I hope will be helpful to anyone who may stumble across my blog. If you are an x ray student that you are absorbed in information so please take this for what it is worth. I plan on adding a few pdf. files for you reading and studying enjoyment. What is a pdf. you say? For those of you who may not know. A pdf. file that is a file that is easy to read. If you really want to know more follow the embedded link and enjoy. If you already know what a pdf. file is thank you for humoring me. One more thing about pdf. files for the newbie is that you will need to have adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer. this program gives you read only rights to the pdf. files for free. (Link will be provided.)
With that said I have planned to turn some of my more helpful study guides into public information. Of course nothing in these files will be copy righted material but thay just might be helpful. In addition to my classroom study guides I have prepared a few of my own documents that I will also place on this blog. Of course these will all be radiography related.
If you have any similar information that you would like to contribute please feel free to contact me and we can work something out. Or if you have any suggestions as to a topics for a pdf. file that you would like to have developed you can contact me via e-mail or here in the blog.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Testing, Testing, Testing....This is a test....

Okay that's more like it! I got a 94% on the most recent test. It was a gimee filler test since a lot of the class was not doing so well. Even as a gimee test I still missed 3 out of the 56. I guess that is just the way it goes with these tests. Still I should not have missed any since she practically review every question on the test beforehand. So to my scanty readers I will bequeath those queries which prove my folly. (Fun words there.)

My wrong answer in red. Correct answer in blue.

9. Components of digital imaging include:
1. computer manipulation of the image
2. formation of an eletronic image on the radiation detector
3. formation of an x-ray image directly on the image receptor
A. 1 only C. 2&3 only
B. 1 & 2 only D. 1,2,&3

43. All of the following devices may be located on the typical x-ray unit control panel, EXCEPT a
A. mA meter C. timer
B. kVp selector D. filament ammeter

50. In the production of characteristic radiation at the tungsten target, the incoming electron
A. ejects an inner-shell tungsten electron
B. ejects an outer-shell tungsten electron
C. is deflected with resulting energy loss
D. is deflected with resulting energy increase

Here's a couple I got right.

18. If an AP hip technique required 92 kVp with single-phase x-ray equipment, what kVp would produce a comparable image with three-phase equipment?
A. 69 kVp C. 81 kVp
B. 75 kVp D. 103 kVp

29. With three-phase equipment, the voltage across the x-ray tube
1. drops to zero every 180ยบ
2. is 87 to 96% of the maximum value
3. is nearly constant potential
A. 1 only C. 1&2 only
B. 2 only D. 2&3 only

I'll leave those for you to answer in your comments if you like.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lesson Learned!

7That is my grade so far in my review class. Not the stellar performance that I am used to delivering. Nevertheless it just gives me impetus to do better. Since most of the class is doing somewhat poorly this term our teacher has added another test in addition to our final. I could use the extra points which would boost my average before the final. I hate going into the final with the pressure of needing to get an "A." Really though, the class grades only amounts to a very insignificant part of completeing the overall objective or becoming a Registered Radiologic Technologist. Of course they help prepare you for the registry but ultimately that registry is where the RT production occurs. (And there ain't no curve!!)
A bit of good news is in order. I HAVE A JOB!! Yes indeed, I was offered a job in the OR. I've loved doing OR rotations from the very start. Actually I almost missed out on getting the job. See!! Im not simply gloating. I'm sharing a little lesson with all you RT students out there.
Here goes:
Three students including me applied for the job. I felt that I had an edge since I had a couple of the OR Tech's putting in a good word for me. It seemed like the interview went just fine. After a couple days they informed me that one of the other students had been given the job. I was a bit stunned but took it in stride. (Actually a pitfully large piece of chocolate cake consoled my brusied ego.) Well, the guy who got the job decided after about a week that he would better like a part time job in special procedures. So it turns out that they call be back in to offer the job with this insight:
"The only thing that kept us from hiring you was your absenteeism"
The Moral: Missing clinic days can come back and bite you in the butt!!