Thursday, June 14, 2007



Enough said there. Now time to work on those pdf. files


ArizonaDB said...


Congratulations!!!!! Nice score too! I hope I'll do as well when i take the registry. 6 months and counting till I take it. YIKES!!!

what are your plans now for work?

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ArizonaDB said...

PS How long did you have to wait to get your results? I've heard rumors that it takes at least 2 weeks and then you cant work until you get your license in the mail which often takes up to 4 weeks. Is this true?

CTDave95 said...

Congratulations on passing the registry!!
I wish you the best in your future as a radiographer.
I hope you will continue to host your blog, looking forward to those pdf files for students, I think students would appreciate the files.
Thanks for the kudo's on the ASRT Sacnner article, it was an honor to be selected for the artcle.

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Anonymous said...

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