Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Job New Challenges

As a student I was certain that PACS was a great tool. I always thought that being a PACS administrator would be a direction that I would like to head into eventually. It came my way sooner than I expected. No. I'm not a PACS administrator yet but I have just started in a new postion as a PACS analyst. Basically I work along with the PACS admin. It's a great job at a great hospital and I love it. I loved the OR job I had too so it was a little bitter sweet to make the change.

The ARRT has a new certification as of last summer called CIIP which stands for Certified Imaging Informatic Professional. There is some debate as to the weight of such certifications. My personal opinion is that it is were PACS and imaging informatics is headed. If you have an interest in PACS and have some IT background to go along with your RT (R) you might just want to add a (CIIP).

Here are a few links to help you investigate:


Tim Kerr said...

We have problems almost every weekend with PACS and they don't get fixed until Monday. It seems the systems are overly complex and need to be streamlined for the next generation. Like your website, except the small type is tough to read. Good Luck. -Tim

Anonymous said...

good info.

Anonymous said...

good info, thanks